Atlantic City Restaurant Week 2019
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Beach Activities

Beach, boardwalks and open-water fun

Some people see the beach as a place to spread out a towel, lay down and bury their faces in a paperback for a few hours. You can certainly do that here in Atlantic City, but when you can go surfing, parasailing or fishing, why pass up the chance to create a story of your own? There’s more than one reason Atlantic City has the most fun beaches around. The beach boardwalks offer shopping and dining while the ocean is a prime spot for water sports.

Surfers should head down to the Downtown Beach at Raleigh Avenue, Crystal Beach at New Hampshire Avenue or the Delaware Avenue Beach. Surfing lessons and gear rentals are readily available.

Kayakers and Windsurfers are permitted at the Jackson Avenue beach only

Fishermen can try their luck from the jetties located on Maine Avenue or the inlet off the boardwalk, or on the beaches during non-bathing hours (10 a.m. - 6 p.m.).

If you’d like to stay on shore, you can always get a game of volleyball going, build sandcastles or break out the metal detector for a treasure hunt. Getting thirsty? Hit up one of Atlantic City’s beach bars for a drink in an idyllic setting.